Business Cash Advances

Business Cash Advances for Your Personal Cash Flow Problems

If you work in business, you know that cash advances in the form of credit lines from a bank are a lifeline. But did you know that business cash advances in the form of payday loans can work for regular working people too?

It’s true. Individuals, even those who have bad credit, can get a business cash advance against a future paycheck through an online cash advance company. The online method is a vast improvement over the way this was done previously. In years gone by, you go to your employer and ask for a paycheck advance. You would explain the reason why, and if your relationship with that employer was good and their cash flow allowed, you could get it. But today, few companies of any size are able to do this.

Or, you might have relatives or friends willing and able to front you the loan. But like with employers, there was an extended conversation and perhaps a little bit of judgment thrown into the mix. More recently, along came payday loan stores. But you had to go there and stand in a line, then process the application in person, talking to the teller through a plate glass window. It wasn’t private at all – all those people standing in line behind you could listen in on your transaction – and you had to be concerned about carrying all that money away in your pocket or purse.

But online loans to working people has changed all that – for the better.

Your life is a business – cash advances keep it working

The demands on working people like you are great. Think of all that you have to handle:

1. Get up and get pretty for work.

2. Navigate the commute to your workplace.

3. Be nice to everyone. Even if you don’t feel like it.

4. Put in a full day, performing duties, perhaps dealing with company politics.

5. Commute home.

6. Take care of your second job, managing a household and all the financial obligations that come with it.

7. Seek out creative solutions for times when current funds are somewhere south of current bills.

And then repeat, four or more times each week.

Given all that effort, why do you have to wait until ten or more working days before you get paid? That’s the basic business cash advance problem. And that’s why you need to go to work on getting a business cash advance loan.

Shop around and fill out an application

Perhaps you’ve heard: this is the age of worrying. You already are worried about how you’re going to manage some bills or make some timely purchases. Perhaps you want to save money by buying now versus waiting a couple weeks – but know a large purchase will put your cash into negative numbers.

That’s when you can use a business cash advance. You can find one very easily with a Google search. But you might spend a lot of time studying their loan terms (because beyond just the interest rates being charged, you should pay attention to the repayment reschedules, fees and penalties). After all, you’re thinking like a smart businessperson. You need to scrutinize the companies you are working with.

But a search engine might turn up a lot of companies that do not fit your specific needs, such as repaying on your cash advance over two or three paychecks instead of just one. One site that looks at you relative to all online payday lenders is The "MPL" ( - 3 month loan up to 5000 dollar), which works something like an airfare and hotel travel site. It does the searching for you.

Once you select a lender, the process gets very easy. Sign on to the lender’s website. Fill out the application. Get approved (if you have a job and a checking account, you will almost certainly be approved). Get your cash advance – usually by the next business day.

Easy, fast, simple – and effective.

Less-than-perfect credit not a concern

There is no traditional credit history report required with a business cash advance loan. That’s because you are being loaned money on the basis of being employed.

It’s your reward for working. The cash advance lender knows you have a paycheck coming, and is willing to risk lending you that money because they know you have cash flow. It’s the respect you are due because of your hard work.



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